Word, Art, & Song by Sandy Geddes

Whether through word, art, or song, it’s time to dance in the flow by experiencing… 

  • Delightful, soothing eclectic vocal jazz
  • Vibrant, light filled abstract acrylic and watercolour paintings
  • Life affirming, significant poetry
  • Personal, unique artistic upholstery
  • Expressive, significant jewelry
  • Inspiring educational ideas and resources

 I love to create art that invites others to hope and healing, to dance in the flow of life. To paint a piece that speaks peace, to write words to weather storms, to upholster a seat to serve as a practical reminder of placement, to sing songs that support and siren the call to life – this is why I create.  Kindness, beauty, thoughtfulness and depth inspire me.  I want all of my artistic expressions to remind others of how truly valued and loved they are. May you be moved to move, to dance in the flow.



Having produced and played for Sandy, I can tell you first hand that her vocals are lush, warm and compelling with a great deal of stylistic range. Her songs always tell a story and are told with wit and charm. Energy and joy are hallmarks of her performances. Sandy sees life on the bright side and will not be deterred in pursuit of her dreams.
Wes Caswell, Producer/Engineer/Arranger/Bassist, Gracenote Studio
I first heard Sandy perform here in Leduc at our Performing Arts Center as part of a concert series. I left that night feeling as though I had just had my soul washed. It was quite a wonderful experience!
P. Carleton, Leduc Music Teacher
Sandy sings with passion which will move your soul. I would highly recommend her for any function you may be planning.
David Heppner, President, Global Neighbors Canada/Thailand
I would wholeheartedly recommend Sandy to anyone who wants to have beautiful, special music to enhance their event.
Sheila Stauffer, Executive Director, Cornerstone Counselling Centre
In my experience, Sandy understands what I need and delivers it with creativity, professionalism and intentionality to help me achieve my goals. Her passion is not just for the medium of music artistry but also for the people who will be moved by it. She knows when to be front and center and when to support from the shadows.
Leslie Precht
Sandy is a consummate professional. She’s penned an impressive and prolific catalogue and delivers performances that range in depth and emotion from quiet reflection to side-splitting hilarity. Sandy is authentically and consistently always Sandy … and that’s a very good thing!
Deborah Andrews
Sandy’s rendition of the bilingual version of the National Anthem was remarkable. Her live performance was reflective of a professional recording artist. Thank you for sharing your musical gifts with us.
N.Dargis, Division Principal, Black Gold Regional Division No. 18
What impressed me was Sandy’s sensitivity and receptivity to understanding and connecting with the purpose of the evening and with our audience. She was a delight to work with because of her authenticity and the joy she conveyed in every beautiful note. The compelling original piece that Sandy wrote for the evening captured the essence of the theme of our event and poignantly described experiences that resonated with many in the audience.
Grace Thiessen, Ellerslie Road Baptist Church
Sandy’s voice gets better with time, as she displays a new maturity in terms of both her tone and phrasing. (indigo rain) is a high-water mark in her recording career, to date.
Kurt Leavins, Magic 99
… she obviously enjoys shaping strong melodies and bringing real sincerity to the material … her sound and savvy efforts at self-promotion have helped her win recognition internationally and here at home.
Roger Levesque, Edmonton Journal
Sandy can be considered among the greats of modern Canadian jazz vocalists standing beside the likes of Holly Cole, Diana Krall and Molly Johnson …
Scott D. Brown, Full Spectrum Ottawa
Talented, and blessed performer and speaker!
Great ideas for my classroom to start next week. Thank you!
Inspirational and motivational! I appreciate the great resources & the singing! I thoroughly enjoyed every minute!
Refreshing. Real. Useful.
I will definitely be using and implementing a number of her ideas and resources into my daily classroom.
Collected Session Evaluation Comments, NorthEast Teachers Convention Association 2016