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Oops! A Daisy

Wisdom dictates that one should not write in the heat of the moment.  I did anyway.  However, wisdom is getting the last word, or at least one or two, as I did choose to wait and manicure my words with the blades of kindness and patience and not a little bit of self examination, though [...]

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The Bulldog and the Almighty Rest

Our neighbor has a bulldog.  He’s adorable, except for the drool. On several occasions, he has recklessly bolted across the street, through our front door and ran around our house, always with great affection for our family and without involving destruction. Despite myself, I really love that sausage shaped drool fest of a canine.  Never [...]

The Bulldog and the Almighty Rest2019-03-28T17:58:02+00:00


A Peace of Pastel

This is what victory is
A smile
A laugh
A pastel floral blouse
— Sandy Geddes


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