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Keep Calm and Walk On!

Running is overrated.  Not just because I’m terrible at it, but because it’s just not that practical.  Sure, I can run to catch a bus if I need to, or I can sprint to hug a friend I haven’t seen for too long, or I can dash when the smoke detector goes while I’m baking.   On a daily [...]

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Hei Hei – Byes & Blessings

So your favourite track is playing and suddenly at the wistful finale, there’s a loud noise or the track itself glitches.  Or at the end of a delectable dish, much to your dismay, there’s a bitter taste that lingers well beyond the tantalizing taste before it.   Or worse yet, you end a business, social or personal relationship [...]

Hei Hei – Byes & Blessings2019-03-28T17:58:02+00:00


A Peace of Pastel

This is what victory is
A smile
A laugh
A pastel floral blouse
— Sandy Geddes


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