About Sandy

Sandy Geddes is a Canadian singer songwriter, artist, writer and educator. A prolific artist of art, word and song, Sandy is on a journey of lifelong wonder focusing on endless beauty, joy and hope as her inspiration. Her art is an invitation to delight.

  • Enjoy award winning smooth jazz sounds of her music recordings
  • Experience compelling and colourful abstract art
  • Soak in the warmth of her poetry and art books
  • Be inspired by a custom and personalized artistic reimagining of a midcentury furniture piece
  • Be encouraged through educational sessions
  • Invite others into conversations with multi-arts speaking engagements, live music or on-site event painting

With a soul steeped in solitude and art bursting with thankfulness and thoughtfulness, Sandy looks to encourage, delight, and uplift so that others can experience an opportunity to breathe, to chat, to live and to look a little deeper.

Nominations & Awards

  • 2009 GMA Award nominee — Jazz/Blues Album of the Year — indigo rain
  • 2006 GMA Award — Jazz/Blues Song of the Year — marooned
  • 2005 WCMA Award nominee — Outstanding Christian Record of the Year — orangify
  • 2005 SHAI Award nominee — Jazz/Blues Album of the Year — orangify
  • 2004 VIBE Award nominee — Jazz/Blues Album of the Year — Purplexed


  • Hope Dwells (2017)

Photos of Sandy by Laurel Russell Photography