Project Description


Custom Artistic Upholstery

A few years ago, I was looking for an office chair, something that would work for my art studio and couldn’t find anything. Then I remembered that I really loved mid-century chrome chairs and something clicked. I purchased several chairs then set about to reupholster them.

I asked the Holy Spirit to help me pick fabric to make unique chairs. Each fabric was coordinated so that each palette was unique. I had the sense these chairs were of value, but I didn’t fully understand nor did I expect that God would have a specific person for each. As I began to reupholster each chair, the mystery began to unfold. I discovered that each chair was unique because each owner was unique.

I then remembered that when I went to Munich in 2015, the Lord spoke to me about how He has a place for me at His table. A place that only I can fill and that if I don’t sit in my chair, He misses me. That my chair is unique to me, that I will love sitting in it and that I can’t just look at it. I have to approach it with reverence, confidently sit up to the table of the Lord, and partake. I painted a picture of that imagery during my time in Munich and then as soon as I got home, I began to recover chairs, so that each person would have their own place at the table as a practical reminder of a heavenly truth.

I see these chairs as representative of identity. Each chair has a story, specific to the owner. In the same way that I approach all of my artistic expressions, upholstering involves prayer, listening, and a heartfelt desire to encourage the owner while partnering with the Holy Spirit in every aspect of design. Each chair is named, and has a story with it. Due to the personal nature of this custom work, I’ve chosen to include testimonials with initials only. Occasionally, there will be chairs that are available, not commissioned, but for the most part, this is commissioned work.

Please contact me by email to start a conversation about creating a seat for you.


Bubblegum Beauty

I have my gorgeous Bubblegum Beauty in my office at my desk. My heart has been most humbled and overwhelmed that Sandy would take the time to not only create a beautiful chair that fits me perfectly, but to also pray and prophecy over my life as she was creating this masterpiece. I have read the pages of encouragement that she wrote for me, inspired of the Lord, over and over again. I am truly blessed to have such an amazing, Godly friend, who hears the Lord, and acts on His leading. Love you and am so blessed to have you in my life.

— K.

Olive Oil

This beautiful chair that Sandy created for me and the prophetic word the Holy Spirit inspired her to share ministered to me deeply. Every colour choice, the quality of the fabrics, and every detail had purpose and meaning that spoke directly to my soul and my story. The words of encouragement and understanding were so affirming to me. It has ministered to my heart and soul deeply and I’m so thankful for Sandy’s obedience to the Lord and her willingness to follow the Holy Spirit in this ministry. Whenever I sit in this beautiful chair and re-read the words written for me, I am reminded how profoundly loved by God I am and that He has me in His hand.

— S.

Rose Delight

What a gift this chair and its story have been to me! The artistry, the beauty, the time, the intention, the insights, the inspiration, the love and the care that went into it, overwhelm and amaze me. The fact that Sandy would spend so much time, energy, and creative blood, sweat and tears, seeking the Lord on my behalf, all the while envisioning and realizing something so beautiful, is beyond humbling. And now, when I feel the need to be reminded of my identity in Christ, I spend some time on this regal throne of rose, allowing God’s love and Sandy’s prayers to wash over me. Thank you, Sandy. I am blown away and forever grateful!

— D.

Copper Shield

Sandy made one of her beautiful chairs for me to put in my shop. I use it to start my day out with some prayer, (and coffee). When I’m building my guitars, I like to sit in my chair and look over the instruments to see that everything flows….it’s where God downloads my creativity. Thanks, Sandy, for the encouraging and relevant prophetic words that you you included with my chair

— Ck (Carlton Guitars)

Iridescent Beloved

This chair includes a bridal veil, to represent the bride of Christ, a crème canopy of vinyl, and more. It currently resides in my studio space where I songwrite, ever reminding me of the love God has for His people, the Church, His bride.

— Sandy

Magenta Majesty

This chair currently resides in my office as my writing chair. With the back fabric flowing with vibrant colour, it reminds me of speaking truth and beauty.

— Sandy