Project Description


Sterling & Acrylic Jewelry

A few years ago, I began to experiment with integrating vintage jewelry and painting. Recently, I took a silversmithing class and have also worked with a goldsmith to create signature pieces for myself. I am inspired to create unique, rustic signature pieces that communicate metaphors of significance. As with everything I do, flow is important. I thoroughly enjoy the fluidity involved in reticulation and the resulting textures. Discovering pictures in the silver and bringing them to light is fascinating.

— Sandy Geddes

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Metaphors in Metal

Title: Clothed in Righteousness

This is a sterling silver piece I created for my sister in memory of our Mom. Reticulated and then finished with a patina, this pendant represents faith and love.

Title: Regal Bride

This is a reticulated sterling silver pendant created to represent the freedom and beauty of the bride.

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