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You are invited to hope. To hope for the first time. To hope again. To continue to hope.

To be still and to spend some time soaking in art and poetry.

Wherever you may be in your journey, however you choose to enter into this writing, please know that you are welcome.

“To hope is to truly live, to abound, to be filled to the full, to walk in joy no matter what, to view based on the undeniable.”

— Sandy Geddes

Music, Art & Poetry Performances

Hope Dwells

during a season of struggle and growth this poem on hope includes artwork created through times of overcoming

to hope is to truly live, to abound, to be filled to the full,
to walk in joy no matter what,
to view based on the undeniable

Lavish Love


some of Sandy’s story (and likely some of yours) spoken in poetry interspersed with song and speaking

Lavish Love, long before I ever knew
Planned for melody to spring forth
From my fingers, my lips and my life

Set a longing within to see
Colour, note, number, and letter
Flowing and showing Lavish Love
Because Lavish Love called me

And I belonged before I was aware
And I knew before I really knew
Because Lavish Love called me

Lovely on the Sea

exploring the adventure of going to, trying new and becoming truly you – sailing with song, poetry and art

I went sailing today,
with my boots on,
of course, and on course.
Yesterday, as a matter of fact
and tomorrow as well if at all possible.
Who knew that someone like me
of land and not sea
Of tilling and toil,
near to tree and soil
Would learn how to sail
And yet I did. And now I do.

Good Morning, Beloved!

inspiring a gentle awakening to step forward through poetry, art and song featuring the lyrics from ‘Beloved’

I awake to the dawn and see the sun rise
Quietly I hear you speak and I know
I know once more
The sun shines upon me.
As the lustrous stream stretches to greet me
To entreat me
Inviting me into the intimacy of the morning
Into the present of the day
Into His Presence in my day
I am rarely, temporarily speechless
and well I should be

Lead Learner

encouraging educators to walk in freedom as lifelong learners through poetry, art and song

Saw a sign today
Viewed a challenge as I read
Lead Learner
On the door of my leader
The sign humbly read
Quietly stating a glorious fact
That this lead learner of children and the childlike is awake to needs of more than paper
Aware of tender hearts that long to learn
And to see someone else persevere
so that perseverance can be sought
Lessons to be caught

Precious from the Pebbles

celebrating true identity, being and becoming as told through poetry featuring an artwork series focused on women as diamonds

Evidence of creativity
Proven beauty
Intrinsic treasure that refracts light

Chosen and constantly choosing
To easily reflect
To bring great joy
To dance, move and turn
To be turned toward light
To reflect in beauty and brilliance