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Growing Spaces

Growing Spaces Space seemed like the final frontier. Growing was a bit uncomfortable. To think about how to grow into my space or make my space grow was more challenging than I had [...]


Covers vs Blankets Woke up to a skiff of snow this morning. A bit early for this time of the year, pretty and crisp and all I wanted to do [...]

Keep Calm and Walk On!

Running is overrated.  Not just because I’m terrible at it, but because it’s just not that practical.  Sure, I can run to catch a bus if I need to, or I can [...]

How Now, Brown Car?

I remember.  A carton of milk, a loaf of bread and a stick of butter.  There are so many things I choose to remember: the times when lack was suddenly [...]

Unchained Melody

"Time goes by so slowly and time can do so much" Sung by The Righteous Brothers PANZERI, MARIO(IT. LYR)/CARRERA, ETTORE/NORTH, ALEX/ZARET, HY The song Unchained Melody first appeared in the 1955 movie [...]


The whole is more than the sum of the parts ― Aristotle For some time now, I have been thinking about what it would look like if we approached all of [...]


A Peace of Pastel

This is what victory is
A smile
A laugh
A pastel floral blouse
— Sandy Geddes


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