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The swirl of toffee seemed the closest parallel to life and relationships as expressed in this collection. Bronze, shiny, delicious and fragrant caramel lovingly created from timeless ingredients, this title confectiously describes this box of assorted sweets.

— Sandy

Sandy’s fifth release in as many calendar years is a sweet confection of seven originals, three standards (Bye Bye Blackbird, My Romance, That’s All) and an original arrangement of a folk classic (Who Knows Where the Time Goes). Produced by Rene Worst (Skywalk) and engineered by Tony Chamberlist, this collection features the instrumental talents of Kevin Andrews (flute/drums), Glenn Durksen (upright bass), Sandy Foster (keys), Andrew Glover (keys), Wes Yaciuk (guitar) and guest appearances by Miles Black (keys) and Rene Worst (upright bass). This album has not been digitally altered.


  1. Still (S. Foster) arr. S. Foster, R. Worst
  2. Let’s Go for a Walk (S. Foster)
  3. Where Can You Be (S. Foster)
  4. Blind Fish (S. Foster, A. Glover)
  5. Stay Awhile (S. Foster)
  6. To Be Two (S. Foster)
  7. My Romance (L. Hart, R. Rodgers) arr. R. Worst
  8. Livin’ On Love (S. Foster)
  9. Who Knows Where the Time Goes (S. Denny) arr. S. Foster
  10. Bye, Bye Blackbird (M. Dixon, R. Henderson) arr. R. Worst
  11. That’s All (A. Brandt, B. Haynes) arr. S. Foster

CD Graphic Design: Robin Weber