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Written to span sentiment and solemnity, this collection reflects the thinking, waiting, longing and hoping of nearly every season of blue.

Blue is the hue of rain, night sky, my children’s eyes, Scotland’s flag, prairie days, and of course, blue whales. Rain refers to quiet droplets of hope pouring from heaven, often from my eyes, and the voices of encouragers in life, washing the sorrow & silt from life. Thinking, waiting, longing and hoping, all of this is indigo rain. May this tuneful band of blue blanket reminders of hope, loyalty, and eventually royalty in life around you.

— Sandy

Seven originals, three arrangements including Connie Kaldor’s Bigger Than Anywhere Else and Hank Cochran’s Make the World Go Away feature Sandy’s vocals, song writing, arranging, and instrumentation provided by Sandy (vocals/piano), her longtime bandmates Kevin Andrews (flute/drums) and Wes Yaciuk (guitar), and Vancouver’s own Rene Worst (producer/bass) and Tony Chamberlist (drums). Nominated for 2009 GMA Covenant Award for Jazz/Blues Album of the Year.


  1. Make the World Go Away (H. Cochran, arr. S.Foster)
  2. Into the Blue (s. Foster)
  3. Beautiful Isle of Somewhere (Trad. arr. S. Foster)
  4. Nothin’ But Sea and Skye (S. Foster)
  5. Bigger Than Anywhere Else (C. Kaldor)
  6. Cerulean Serenade (S. Foster)
  7. Time to Go (S. Foster)
  8. Dance with Me (J. Hall, arr. S. Foster)
  9. Tell Me Yes (S. Foster)
  10. Deep Blue (S. Foster)
  11. That’s Enough Blue (S. Foster)

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