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Sandy is a jazz singer/songwriter of great respect from Edmonton … has a top notch singing voice and why she has had to release her music independently and not through a jazz label in Canada or elsewhere is a shame. Marooned, is comparable, both musically and vocally, to the best CDs by Diane Krall, Molly Johnson, or Holly Cole.

— Scott D. Brown

Metaphorical, momentous, and mesmerizing, recorded live in studio, this album has a romance perfect for both inspiration and relaxation. Produced and engineered by Rob Hewes, this collection features the instrumental talents of Kevin Andrews (flute/drums), Glenn Durksen (upright bass), Matt Day (keys), Wes Yaciuk (guitar) and a guest appearance by Dave Babcock (vocals/saxophone). Marooned garnered a 2006 GMA Covenant Award, IOMA nominations, national airplay, inclusion in Top Ten Jazz charts, and rave reviews.


  1. T’Ain’t What You Do (S. Oliver, J. Young)
  2. Marooned (S. Foster)
  3. Play a Song For You (S. Foster)
  4. Do I Worry About You? (S. Foster)
  5. Thankful (S. Foster)
  6. You Speak (S. Foster)
  7. Cranberry Jazz (S. Foster)
  8. Meet Me Here (S. Foster, R. Hewes)
  9. It All Falls On Me (S. Foster)
  10. Subject to the Whether (S. Foster)
  11. Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars (AC. Jobin, G. Lees)

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