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A collection of 10 originals and 2 standards ranging in style from swing to blues to ballad to Latin. Produced and engineered by Matt Atkins, this collection features the instrumental talents of Sandy Foster (keys), Markus Plaum (keys), Rick Lett (guitar), Kerry Couet (drums), Glenn Durksen (upright bass) and Mike Berg (bass). Smooth and sweet, nominated for Jazz/Blues Album of the Year (VIBE Awards 2004).


  1. Let It Be Me (S. Foster)
  2. The Sky is Always Blue (S. Foster, R. Lett)
  3. Sunshine (S. Foster)
  4. Amazing Grace (Trad. arr. S. Foster)
  5. Blue Room (Rogers, Hart)
  6. Purplexed (S. Foster, R. Lett)
  7. Only You (S. Foster)
  8. A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square (Maschwitz, Sherwin) published by Shapiro, Bernstein & Co, Inc.
  9. A Quiet Place (M. Berg)
  10. Too Clever (S. Foster, R. Lett)
  11. Stand and Pray (S. Foster)
  12. Psalm 65 (S. Foster, M. Berg)

CD Graphic Design: Dennis Weber